Whisper 200Whisper 200

At a Glance

Kilowatt Hours/Month:
Rotor Diameter:
Rated Power:
Turbine Controller:

200 kWh/mo at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)
9 feet (2.7 m)
24, 36, 48 VDC (high voltage avail.)
1000 watts at 26 mph (11.6 m/s)
Whisper Charge Controller (included)
5 year limited warranty

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Monthly Energy

Best for low to moderate wind - 7 mph (3 m/s) and above

The versatile Whisper 200 powers applications from remote homes to water pumping. Get the most out of the wind with a larger swept area. The Whisper 200’s 9-foot (2.7 m) blade has almost twice the swept area of the Whisper 100, yielding twice the energy. A high voltage model is available for transmission over long distances.

The Whisper 200 does produce more sound than it’s 100 counterpart, but it does produce almost twice the power.

In addition to its patented smooth acting side furling design, the Whisper 200 has a number of new features that make it ideal for any new or existing photovotaic system:

Whisper Controller

Unlike many other small wind systems, the Whisper 200 ships with a controller that includes a diversion load to ensure quiet safe operation of your wind turbine when the batteries are charged.

It installs in minutes and it protects both your wind turbine and battery. The Whisper controller fits easily inside your battery room. Add the optional LCD display and you will instantly receive real time data on the performance of your Whisper 200.

The display can be mounted on the controller or up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away letting you know what is happening. You can even add an anemometer to your controller and now you can measure wind speed and compare it to the output to make sure you are getting the most from your Whisper 200.

Wind as easy to use as photovoltaics

The Whisper 200 is designed for even the novice. The Whisper can be installed in just a few hours with no welding, no concrete or cranes. Our engineers designed the work out of installing wind turbines. Now wind is as easy to use as photovoltaics.

Solar and wind work together

Solar and wind resources often compliment each other. Generally when it is sunny it is calm and when it is cloudy it is windy. This complimentary effect is even greater during seasonal changes. During the winter and spring when the sun is at its least exposure, the wind is at it highest. A Whisper 200 during these periods is essential to keep your batteries charged and your lights on.

Wind-solar system

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