Solar Questions & Answers

Solar Energy

Can I get rid of the electric company?

Yes but that is called off grid and not as cost effective as grid tied solar. With off grid you need a battery bank. Batteries are expensive and last about seven years tops. Think of the power company as a 100% efficient battery that never goes bad.

If the power goes out will a grid tied solar system produce electricity?

No if you want electricity in the event of a power failure you need a hybrid system solar system with battery back up or a backup generator. We offer hybrid energy systems and back up generators.

Can a grid tied solar system be installed somewhere other than a roof?

Yes we offer ground mounts, pole tops and trackers. Trackers follow the sun and produce up to 24% more electricity from the same amount of panels.

Will the electric company buy my excess if my system produces more than I use?

Yes but they will pay you less than it is worth. A properly designed grid tied solar system will not produce more than you consume.

How long will a grid tied solar system last?

About 30 years. The panels themselves are typically warrantied for 25 years.

How long does it take to have solar installed on my home?

Typically we complete a solar home installation with in three to six weeks after receiving a deposit.

How much of a deposit is required to get started?

$1000. or 10% of the total cost which ever is less.

How do we know if solar is right for our home?

We have a tool called a Solmetric sun eye. We can come to your home and take precision readings from your location and produce a report that will show any potential shading issues with your location.

How do we get started?


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