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NU-U235F3 / NU-U235F4 235 235-Watt module (mono-crystalline) - Black Sheet, Black Frame
NU-U240F1 / NU-U240F2 240 240-Watt module (mono-crystalline) - White Sheet, Silver Frame
NU-U235F1 / NU-U235F2 235 235-Watt module (mono-crystalline) - White Sheet, Silver Frame
ND-230UCJ 30 230-Watt Module (poly-crystalline) - White Sheet, Silver Frame
ND-224UC1 / ND-224UCJ 224 224-Watt Module (poly-crystalline) - White Sheet, Silver Frame

Live in San Diego you are in Luck! We have the lowest installed price in town!

San Diego's oldest existing independent solar company! Back in 1977 we got our start off grid solar.

Lowest installed solar prices ever!

We have the lowest installed price in Southern California guaranteed. Combine that with the historic low price for panels, state and federal incentives and there may never be a better time to install solar in San Diego.

All systems listed above feature premium Sharp or Kyocera Solar panels and name brand inverters as well. No cheap imports, imitations or blemish.

We offer additional savings for neighborhood San Diego Solar projects. Commercial installation also available.

Prices listed above are for solar systems installed in San Diego county. Tile roofs ok no extra charge. Includes all permitting, solar system design and engineering. Must have ample roof space with relatively straight roof. Extremely steep and two story slightly higher. Most roof mount solar systems do not require any trenching. In the rare case trenching is required there is a small additional cost. Extremely long or unusual wire runs also a small fee. Additional cots are rare but can exist. If you would like a no cost, no hassle, no obligation San Diego solar site survey click here. We will not send a sales person, we will send an installer to evaluate your roof and take measurements with a solmetric sun eye. Click here for solmetric suneye information.

We know times are tough and it is important to get the most for your money. That is why we take the no BS approach to quoting Solar in San Diego. Solar is a wise and safe investment and offers returns that most other vehicles currently do not. We promise to make your San Diego solar experience stress free and enjoyable and most important affordable! We run a low overhead efficient operation. Our trucks and tools are not shiny but they are all paid for. We do not have a fancy showroom but guess what we own our office and all the equipment in it and it is all paid for. With our low overhead we can install high quality products carefully without charging you high prices. Ground mount solar

We also install ground mount solar, pole top solar and tracker solar systems in San Diego however we are unable to quote these without first visiting your site where solar is to be installed in San Diego. Again we will not send a sales person we will send an experienced installer to truly evaluate your site, not to try to sell you a system. Our goal: simply give you the numbers and the information necessary to make an informed decision. Nothing against sales people just not the way we do business. We installed the ground mount solar system pictured above in 2001.

We also have the lowest price Skystrem wind generators and we are the San Diego distributor. For Skystream information click here . We are one of largest volume distributors for South West Wind Power product and offer whole sale direct pricing on the full line.

Guaranteed lowest installed pricing on Solar in San Diego

Hardy Solar San Diego in business since 1977 is San Diego's oldest solar power company. We love solar in San Diego. Hardy Solar is dedicated to installing solar electric power systems for San Diego County residents. If your electric bill is high we can help. We will provide you with professional service, high quality solar panels and low low pricing. With our in house design and engineering and low overhead operation we can save you lots money on your solar system in San Diego county. We will send an installer to your home free of charge for solar evaluation of your home or business.

Is solar energy right for you?

Only you can decide we can provide the information for you to make an educated decision. We will go over rough numbers before we visit your site. We can visit the site at your convenience and carefully measure your home or business for its unique solar exposure and discuss your needs with answers that will help you decide if solar powered renewable energy system is right for you.

California's Solar Electric Incentive Programs

California is offering a great rebates for installing solar PV systems on residential property and numerous incentives for businesses than can reduce the cost drastically. Rebates will continue to drop and electric rates will continue to rise. Don't wait until electric rates become any higher Go Green and save money today. Many solar panel systems have a positive cash flow from day one.

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