Solar Questions Answered

I live in a house that is connected to the grid. I do not like my power company they charge to much. Can I save money by going off grid?

No if you have commercial power available it makes more financial sense in most cases to choose grid tied solar.

I have commercial power but I am concerned about the long term future of the grid. Is off grid a good choice for me?

Yes if the grid were to go down an off grid energy system would be a great thing to have.

We are building a house and the power company wants $25,000 to bring in electricity. Should we go off grid?

Yes if the power company wants more than about 20k you are a good off grid candidate.

Another solar company quoted me over 100k for and off grid energy system. why is your quote only $22,000?

Most solar companies know nothing about generators. For that reason they try to make up the difference with solar wind and batteries. Although this is an honest approach it may not be the best economically.



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