Hardy Solar Sun Soaker 12,240 Watt off grid solar system $41,500

more info 12,400 watt solar panel sun soaker system!

Hardy Solar Sun Soaker off grid solar panel systems combine only the highest quality components made in USA. We have taken the hassle out of off grid solar and lowered our prices. The only thing you need to decide is how you want them mounted. Call and talk to us about roof mount railing , ground mounts, pole tops and Trackers. Deep discounted pricing on mounts when purchased with a Hardy Solar Sun Soaker Solar panel system.

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170 Watt solar panel

170 Watt solar panel specifications
Manufactured United states
Maximum Output STC 170 Watts
Type of cell Polycrystalline silicon
Open Circuit Voltage 43.2 V DC
Short circuit current 5.47 AMP DC
Max output current 4.90 AMP DC
Efficiency 13.10%
Maximum system voltage 600V
Dimensions inches 32.8 x 62 x 1.8
Weight Pounds 35.3
Out put Cable length inches 43.3
Output cable type MC Cable
UL Listing 1703
Fire rating Class C
Warranty 25 Year

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Our Sun Soaker systems include top of the line OutBack Flex max charge controllers. These are the best that money can buy. Power point tracking insures maximum output from solar panels. Flex max charge controller

more info view outback flex max charge controller brochure!

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Solar panel combiner boxes

MidNite Solar combiner boxes shown here.

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Custom systems available upon request cost per watt slightly higher. These systems are pre engineered and pre packaged to save you time and money. Mounting sold separate.


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