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Call with electric bill in hand for a no hassle five minute over the phone quote! 800 341 7027 Nobody beats our installed Solar prices in Los Angeles!

Commercial solar projects in Los Angeles can now take advantage or LADPW solar incentives incentives.

Call now for lowest pricing. The first quarter of the year is typically the slow time for Los Angeles solar installations do to people wanting to get their tax incentives near the end of the year. You can enjoy additional solar installation savings now!Los Angeles Solar inage one

We have been involved in solar since the early eighties. Back then it was strictly off grid solar. Since 2001 we have been installing grid connected solar in San Diego. In fact we are the oldest existing independent solar company in San Diego. Los Angeles Solar is a natural progression. Installing solar in Los Angles is a high priority so we will be offering extremely aggressive pricing for all Los Angles Solar projects including commercial grid Tied or grid connected solar.

Our low installed prices will blow the competition away guaranteed. Soon we will be hiring qualified installers for the Los Angles Solar market. If you are interested in being a Hardy Solar installer in the Los Angeles area please contact us. It is unlikely however that we will be hiring sales people in for our Los Angles solar venture. Our approach is similar to mail order. We will do the quote over the phone if you like it we will have an our installer/engineer in the Los Angles area to verify the location. If the location is suitable a $1,000. deposit is all that is required to get started.

Southern California is what it is all about we are extremely exited about the Los Angeles Solar market. We will do our best to bring our tradition of lowest installed pricing with a small company mentality. We think you are gong to like what we can do and the price we can do it at. If you have ever considered solar in the Los Angles area now is a great time. In fact with low low panel pricing combined with federal and state rebated there may never be a better time to install solar in Los Angeles.

Help us make Los Angeles a greener place in 2010. Every roof counts. Los Angeles is ideal place for solar and 2010 will be a great year to do it. Please don't wait we always have more people that want solar installed before the end of the the year to take advantage of the tax year credits. Towards the end of the year we will no doubt be booked solid and be unable to provide a solar installation for every one in Los Angles that wants it done before year end.

Thank You for considering Hardy Solar for your Los Angeles Solar needs!


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