Hardy Solar Battery Bank 26,300 Watt AGM

This solar battery bank will produce 26,300 Watts of continuous power with out the need for additional charge. Cable kit Sold separate.

26,000 Watt solar battery bank
Item# 12095.........$16,848.

Solar battery pvx-9150t

Solar battery bank 26,000 watts

13,000 watt solar battery bank cable kit includes enough for all connections shown above 2/0 9 inch and two 4/0 ten foot inverter connection cables. These are are space grade connections. Price only good when purchased with battery bank.
24,000 watt solar battery bank cable kit
Item# 12099.........$515.

Solr battery cables


PVX-9150T Solar Battery

Manufactured by Concorde Battery Corporation

Description of Solar Battery:

Recombinant gas Sun Xtender® Series solar batteries are low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.


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