Skystream wind turbine installation


It’s important to understand what your local government allows and requires. Your Skystream dealer can provide guidance and support while you work with your city or county to get the proper installation permit and with your local utility to connect to the electric grid through your electric meter.

More information on permitting and interconnection:

PROPER Skystream Wind Turbine LOCATION

STEP 1: Determining your wind resource

There are several ways to ensure you have at least a 10 mph (4.5 m/s) average wind speed.

  1. Wind Maps (USA) / Wind Maps (International)
  2. Local authorities such as weather stations
  3. Checking your surrounding trees for indication strong wind flagging
  4. Site assessment and monitoring by professional third parties

STEP 2: Locating the system on your property

The general rule of thumb is to install your Skystream at least 20 feet (6 m) above any surrounding trees or structures in a 250 foot (76 m) radius.

STEP 3: Ensure proper Skystream wind turbine height

In most cases, a taller tower will allow you to generate more energy. Taller towers, however, increase the cost of your installation and may not be allowed in some areas. A Skystream 3.7 commonly requires a monopole or guyed tower. Below you’ll find a siting guide and information on the most common tower options.

Proper Height


For more information, read our siting guide.
Guide: Siting Wind Generators (PDF)

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Tower Load Specifications

For wet stamped drawings, foundation designs and PE certifications not provided through Southwest Windpower, you may contact Tower Engineering Professionals. They will provide stamped drawings and other engineering services for a fee.


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