Monitor Your Skystream With Skyview 2.0 Software

Skyview 2.0 graphing energy data with ZigBee Wireless PC Interface

Skyview 2.0 lets you download, graph and export your system's energy production history. Skystream stores daily energy production to an onboard memory chip and has capacity for several years’ worth of data.

Cumulative performance table

Skyview 2.0 displays energy production totals for any selected date range, today's production, daily averages, and total energy produced since installed.

Radio signal strength indicator

To help you find the best location to place your Wireless PC Interface, Skyview 2.0 now provides an indicator that provides instant feedback on radio signal strength.

Carbon footprint information

See how energy from Skystream has offset emissions when compared with coal power. Displays total pounds or kilograms of CO2 offset since installed.

Instant performance display

Skyview 2.0 maintains this popular feature from Skyview 1.x. Instantly watch dials for power and RPM move in response to changing wind conditions.

Will wind work for you?

to download skyview 2.0 Software (55MB)

Instructions for downloading skyview 2.0
1. Click on the link, and in the window that opens, click Extract all files.
2. Click Next
3. In the select a destination panel, select the location where you want the folder to be placed, for example, the Desktop. Click Next
4. In the extraction complete panel, select show extracted files. check finish. The unzipped files appear in a new window
5. Start with the file "Skyview instruction manual.pdf" if you dont already have it, install Adobe Reader to read this document.


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