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Back in 1977 Hardy Day was a retired business man and musician. Hardy born in west Texas had spent his youth playing bass on the Grand Ole Opry and touring with the late grate Cowboy Copas. Most of Hardies adult life had been spent owning and operating business colleges. In retirement Hardy liked to spend time in Baja Mexico. In Baja there was not much in the way of reliable electricity. For that reason Hardy relied on generators for his electricity. He soon realized that the propane generators burned to much fuel. Unfortunately there were no reasonably priced american made Diesel generators. Seeing the need he decided to build one. Is was not long be fore word traveled and before he new it he was out of retirement and building generators full time to keep up with the demand. Hardy Diesels & Equipment was born.

Hardy realized that there were some new technologies beginning to emerge and began packaging complete off grid energy systems that included batteries to store energy so that the generators he was building did not need to run 24 hrs a day. In the beginning the energy stored in the batteries had to be used to run 12v lights and appliances. Soon there were inverters available that could convert the DC energy stored in the batteries to household AC energy for use with conventional lights and appliances. It was around this time Photovoltaic solar panels were beginning to become available. Knowing a good thing when he saw it Hardy began integrating solar in to his off grid energy systems.

Soon after Wind generators began to appear. Wind generators were a great addition to the the other off grid renewable energies. Now people who did not have much sun but had Wind energy could harness it with a wind generator and store this energy it in batteries as well. Hardy discovered that with the right amount of Wind a wind generator could keep the batteries toped off and there was little need to run a Diesel generator. The off grid energy system was now more flexible and sustainable than ever. Wind energy captured with a wind generator and stored in batteries is still popular today in off grid applications.

Hardy was defiantly a Pioneer in the alternative energy industry. He was also way ahead of his time in the Bio Diesel movement. Hardy had located a special press used to make sunflower seed oil out of sunflower seeds. This oil was then used to power Diesel engines to produce clean renewable energy from what had always been considered a fossil fuel engine. Hardy also contributed to several electric vehicles way backing the late 70's. Hardy helped design a Diesel driven DC Alternator that could charge a bank of batteries and power a vehicle and get up to 100 miles per gallon.

In 1995 Hardy retired again. Son Loren Day who has been working in the family business since he was 13 years old was now in charge. Loren having been involved with the company all along began to sense things were changing. Along with maintaining and improving the off grid energy business Loren began to exploring grid connected or grid tied alternative energy. At first it was to put back energy that had always been wasted load banking the generators that were built at the facility. In 2001 Loren received his California C10 electrical contractors license seeing the need to start installing grid connected or grid tied solar systems in San Diego. Hardy Solar was one of the first companies to install grid connected grid tied solar in San Diego.

In 2002 seeing the need for more alternative energy Loren began to focus on grid tie or grid connected wind generators. Wind is becoming more popular than ever with grid connected customers. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to Solar Panel grid connected energy systems. Hardy Solar now focuses heavily on wind energy grid connected alterative energy systems.

Off grid systems are great for people who have no electricity available. Or for those who live or are moving to a location where the cost to bring in electricity exceeds $25,000. If you have electricity where you live grid tied solar systems are more practical for the following reason. Think of the electric grid as a 100% efficient battery bank that never needs replacing. Another words 100% of the energy you put into the grid you can take back free of charge. Again there are no expensive batteries to maintain or replace. There are also incentives for grid tied solar in San Diego in the for of state rebates and federal tax credits.

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