Skystream wind generator 3.7

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Notice: Due to South West Windpower's new policy we can only ship to certified Skystream installers. Anyone can become certified however it requires a four day class and a test. Call for details. (800) 341 7027

Skystream 3.7 wind turbine

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Demand has been extremely high on the revolutionary Skystream 3.7 wind turbines. Hardy solar pioneer in alternative energy since 1977 is now has a special division dedicated to the sky stream product line. Not only is our price the lowest but we are knowledgeable when it comes to the Skystream wind generators. Many people install their own Skystream wind generators and save money we can help. The skystream is what is considered a grid tied or grid connected wind generator. What that means is the electricity that is produced will offset your electric bill. Think of your electric company as a 100% efficient storage device. The electricity that can be produced by the skystream wind generator will actually spin your electric meter backwards if it is producing more electricity than you are using. You can then use the electricity produced by the skystream even when the wind is not blowing. The Skystream is bar far the best alterative for people who have electricity that want to save money and protect the environment. The only thing needed is eight mile an hour breeze to get the skystream started. In fact there are many rebates and incentives. Click here to see the incentives your area.


Put a Skystream Wind Generator to work Home’s Energy Needs

Let Skystream take control of your home’s energy needs by harnessing the wind. Installed a residential wind generator called Skystream. Designed for use in typical homes just like yours, it is smart smart, it is modern, it is skystream. Skystream converts wind into electricity for you to use. Skystream can lower your electric bill as much as 80%, Skystream protects you against increasing electricity prices and reduces your dependence on foreign oil, and best of all Skystream produces clean renewable energy that prevents global warming. Skystream 3.7 wind turbines provide independence and stability for you and your family.

Hardy Solar recommends the South West Wind power Skystream 3.7

Southwest Wind power announced its newest product, the Skystream 3.7™, has been awarded a 2006 Best of What’s New Award from Popular Science in the Home category. Each year, Popular Science reviews thousands of new products and innovations and includes the top 100 winners in its annual Best of What’s New issue. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category.

Skystream 3.7 Wins Popular Science Best of what's new award

“Best of What’s New is the ultimate Popular Science accolade, representing a year’s worth of work evaluating thousands of projects,” said Mark Jannot, editor of Popular Science. “These awards honor innovations that not only influence the way we live today, but that change the way we think about the future.”

Skystream next generation

Skystream is a next-generation residential power appliance that hooks up to the home to help reduce or eliminate monthly electricity costs. Skystream is the first compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. With Skystream, homeowners and small business owners now have the power to choose their electricity source.

Skystream wind for use in the home

“Skystream will change how Americans power their homes with clean wind energy,” said Andy Kruse, co-founder of Southwest Wind power. “This is a dream our company has had for some time. Now, with Skystream, grid-connected residential wind energy is finally mainstream.”
Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Skystream was designed to be a quiet, convenient, affordable way to protect homeowners from rising electricity costs. With no batteries, Skystream connects directly to the home. When the wind is blowing, the home is powered (in part) by Skystream; when it’s not, the home is seamlessly powered by the utility as usual. During periods of strong winds, Skystream can actually produce excess electricity. Depending on the utility, the home’s meter spins backwards—giving the homeowner credit for a later date, if net metering is allowed. Skystream produces energy at less than half the cost of any other renewable energy technology.


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