Pioneer Off Grid System Stage one 1 $9,599.

The Pioneer line of off grid energy systems are designed for people who are maybe just getting started but want good quality service off the grid. Pioneer off grid Energy Systems feature high quaility components and materials. 1.7 kw off grid pioneer system

The Pioneer off grid energy system is designed to sustain an off grid home that uses 1700 watts per day. It is called genverter because it is designed around a generator and an inverter. Most, if not all off grid energy systems, will need a generator so we use this generator as a foundation in our genverter system. We have the ability to add your existing solar or new solar options as well as wind turbine generators to your system.

If you have the money, solar is a wise addition to this system. How much solar should you buy? As much as you can afford. It will pay for itself in reduced generator run time. It will allow you to use more energy during the day as well without the need for generator run time.

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Our Pioneer genverter system starts with a US made 7kW Kubota Lowboy II Diesel generator. The LOWBOY II Series Diesel generators are designed small & compact made possible using vertical diesel engine design. The cooling fan is directly coupled to the crank shaft to save space. This makes for a compact design, ultra smooth running and quiet. Ideal for home back up, construction or recreation.

Kubota Lowboy II Diesel generator information

off grid Diesel generator 8kW perkins

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The Kubota Lowboy II generator is connected to our proprietary MidNite solar Magnum 2024 E-Panel. Our e-panels are super simple to hook up. All the wiring is already done. All that needs to be done is mount it on a wall and hook the battery bank negative and positive. Hook up the generator hot leads and AC out. All the rest has already been done for you. What we like about our Magnum inverter e-panels is they are simple with little-to-no programming needed. Shown below with optional charge controller mounted. Charge controller is an actual component of our solar options. If adding solar, we will have it wired in from the factory.

Hardy Solar E-Panel off grid inverter system il
Off grid inverter power panel

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Our Hardy Solar proprietary e-panels are built by Robin Gudgel. Robin has played an important roll in every inverter advancement to date. Robin has finally documented some interesting facts as to the history and evaluation of the modern off grid inverter.

Inverter Evaluation History of Robin Gudgel

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Our magnum MidNite solar E-panel is then connected to our Trojan T-105 6V Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery Bank. These batteries are cost effective but do require minimal maintenance. These are ideal for Golf Cars or small battery banks. They have a 225 Amp Hour rating rated at 20Hrs. We Design our battery banks around a 30% depth discharge to maximize battery life and cost for you. Durability, reliability, and proven technology mean you can depend on Trojan Batteries for consistent performance day in and day out. Outstanding technical support is available on the phone or on the web. Please check our pioneer system 2 with the AGM battery bank. These batteries are maintenance free and have a 305 Amp Hour rating which gives you an additional 500 watts per day as well as longer battery life.

1700 Watt deep cycle Battery Bank Information

Trojan T-105 Battery Bank (225 Amp Hours)

Off Grid Solar Battery Bank

1,700 watt solar battery bank consists of (4) Trojan T-105 Batteries. Our Hardy Solar cable kit includes (1) 4/0 10' Positive Battery Cable, (1) 4/0 10' Negative Battery Cable, and (3) 9" Negative/Positive Interconnection cables.

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Aerospace grade cable kit includes all connections shown above in 2/0 US made special battery bank cable. Also includes two Ten foot 4/0 inverter connection cable. Off grid energy system cable ends

Off grid energy battery cables

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Below is an example of a simple but effective off grid energy shed. The important thing when constructing is no direct line of sight in or out. Also the ducts should be no smaller than the radiator core.

Off grid energy shed


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