Off Grid Energy

At Hardy Solar, we make Off grid energy easy. We have pre engineered off grid energy systems to fit most applications. However, that doesn't mean we won't spend the time to custom design an off grid energy system for you. In fact, we will gladly help you choose or design the system that is right for you. Below, you can see our most popular combinations of battery types, diesel generators, inverters, solar panels, etc. To create the perfect off grid system, we use the best products available. Whether you are looking for a quick setup or a more hands on approach, we can help you. Please look at our systems below and also check our off grid calculator. With the calculator, you can see how many watts you use on a daily basis and you will have a better idea of what system applies to you when you call one of our solar specialists at 800-341-7027.

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Pioneer Systems

Our pioneer off grid energy systems are small and efficient. We can design a system without a generator but the cost is much higher.

off grid energy pioneer

Click here for 1,700 Watt Pioneer System 1
Click here for 2,200 Watt Pioneer System 2

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Homesteader Systems

Our homesteader off grid energy system is by far our most popular system we sell. They suit a conservative home very nicely and the 8kW Perkins Diesel Generator works great. It is smooth and quiet running. Please take a look at our several configurations of our famous Homesteader Systems.

off grid energy homesteader

Homesteader AGM battery bank Stage 1
Homesteader AGM battery bank Stage 2

Click here for 3700 Watt Homesteader System 1
Click here for 4400 Watt Homesteader System 2
Click here for 10600 Watt Homesteader System 3
Click here for 8700 Watt Homesteader System 4

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The Hardy Solar Country Home Off Grid Energy System. Off grid made easy!

Off grid energy sytem counrty home

Call for 800 341 7027 details!

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Hardy Solar Estate Power House off grid power system

Off grid energy system estate power house

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Hardy Solar Mad House off grid energy system

off grid energy system mad house

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2.1kW Complete Ground mounted System $7880

motech 235W pv module

Click here for details

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Off Grid Solar panel options

If you have the money, solar is a wise addition to this system. How much solar should you buy? As much as you can afford. It will pay for itself in reduced generator run time. It will allow you to use more energy during the day as well without the need for generator run time.

Off Grid

Off grid by definition means no electrical grid. If you have an electric meter and an electric bill you are grid tie click here. If you have no electricity where you live or where you intend to live you are in the right spot. Hardy solar has been specializing in off grid living and off grid energy systems in particular since 1977. Living off the grid need not be complicated. Our pre engineered off grid energy systems are simple and reliable. Sure living off grid presents some challenges but a properly designed of gird energy system featuring Solar, wind, batteries and an inverter is reliable and sustainable. Add a backup generator and your system is complete. We recommend Diesel generators whenever possible due to reliability and longevity.

Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar is where it all began. The way off grid solar works is the energy collected from solar panels is combined into strings according to what voltage is desired. In the past off grid solar voltages were limited to the voltage of the solar battery banks usually 12, 24, or 48 vdc. Now with the advent of the power point tracking solar charge controller an off grid solar panel off grid solar voltage is not as important. The big difference between grid tie solar and off grid solar is the method of storage. Off grid solar is stored in a solar battery bank. Grid tie solar energy on the other hand is collected and stored on the electric companies electrical power grid. Once a properly designed off grid solar system stores the solar energy in the battery bank an off grid inverter is used to convert the stored DC (direct current) energy into usable 120/240 AC for common household usage. When sized aggressively an off grid solar electric system may not even need a internal combustion generator. However a conservatively sized off grid solar system often makes use of a Diesel generator. We prefer to size our systems to automatically start a Diesel generator once a day to top off the solar battery bank.

Power Off Grid

Power off grid does not always include solar. In fact due to budget restraints the majority of our customers start with what we call a genverter system to power their off grid homes. A genverter system consists of a Diesel generator a battery bank and an e-panel or power panel. An e-panel is an inverter with all the necessary components pre wired for convenience. With our proprietary genverter e-panel and power panel systems power off the grid does not need not be complicated or expensive.

Off Grid Homes

Off grid homes should be designed slightly different than grid tied homes. Off grid homes for example should make use of propane hot water heater, propane stove, propane dryer and propane and or wood heat. In other words off grid homes should be designed with minimal 240VAC draw. The object in a properly designed off grid home is to minimize draining the battery bank of its energy.

Live Off Grid

Live off grid and enjoy the benefits of an off grid electric system. Hardy Solar has been helping families live off grid since 1977. If you want to live off grid you are in the right spot. We make electricity off grid fun and easy. If you want to live off grid and you do not want to spend a lot of money give us a call.

Off grid energy calculator

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