Outback GT Grid tie inverters

Ventilated Grid-Tie Inverter Bug Proof/Filtered/Screened
The GVFX models use the same die-cast aluminum housing as the GTFX but are not sealed - outside air is drawn through the electronics to allow higher power ratings and better performance in high ambient conditions. The air intake of the inverter includes a removable, washable filter and the exhaust openings are protected by grills with very small openings to prevent entry of insects, etc.

Provides Utility Back-Up Power
Keeps your lights on when the power goes out as well as other loads like wells, TV, fridge, computer, garage door opener, alarm, etc.

Works Automatically
Built-in transfer switch automatically disconnects the house loads from the utility grid and powers them from the inverter during an outage.

Safe and Approved
Listed to UL1741 standards as a non-islanding power inverter system for renewable energy applications.

Ultra Clean AC Power
Smooth, pure sine wave AC output waveform-not a coarse stepped sine wave or modified square wave.

Intelligent Battery Charger
Advanced charging algorithms provide fast recharging while increasing battery life up to 10 years.

Field Serviceable
Both FX and VFX inverter/chargers can be upgraded or serviced - even in the field.

Networked Communications
All OutBack products can be connected through a HUB to form a network with monitoring and control via a single MATE Display.

Capable Tech Support Help
You can call or email and ask questions of the engineers that designed your products. Tech support doesn't get any better than that.

1. ZERO watts of AC power draw at night - automatic "silent" sell mode built in.
2. Daily energy production on par with battery-less grid-tie inverter systems.
3. Modular configuration allows easy system expansion and flexible design with up to 2 inverters interconnected
4. Integrated communication between the inverters and the charge controllers ensures proper operation
5. Automatically optimizes the conversion efficiency by matching the number of inverters to the amount of power being sold or used.


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