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2kW grid tied contractor ready solar grid tie kit

Grid Tied kit

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We will be listing pre engineered energy systems here soon. In the meantime please call for all your grid tied energy system needs. We buy factory direct and pass the savings on to you. Whether it is commercial grid tie or residential grid tie we guarantee low prices and high quality on grid tie solar and grid tie wind energy systems. Hardy solar has the experience and the products to make your grid tie energy installation a major success. With state and local rebates and tax credits combined with historic low solar panel pricing now is a great time to get rid of your electric bill with a Hardy Solar pre engineered energy system. Call 800 341 7027 to find out more. Grid Tie solar image

We have been designing, selling and installing grid tie solar systems since 2001 and have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field. We offer grid tie products at rock bottom prices as well as Grid Tie consulting and engineering for commercial and residential applications. We also offer subcontracting.

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Here is a picture of our first residential grid Tie Solar System engineered installed and still serviced by Hardy solar. This was back in 2001.

Hardy Solars first residential grid tie

This ground mount grid tie system featured Kyocera 80 watt panels and a Trace Sun Tie inverter.

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Grid tie is a term typically referred to when a person or business that is connected to to the electrical grid wants to off set an electric bill with alternative energy. If you home or business has no electricity available this is considered off grid click here. If you have an electric bill and you want to get rid of it you are in the right place. Grid Tie Solar is the most or solar power grid tie is the most common form of grid tie systems we sell. However with grid tie wind turbine technology advancing we are seeing more and more people choosing wind energy as a grid tie alternative. Take the Skystream wind turbine for example.

Grid Tie Inverter

A grid tie inverter is a device that takes DC current/energy and converts it to AC or household current. The difference between a off grid inverter and a grid tie inverter is an off grid inverter converts stored energy from a solar battery bank and converts or inverts the stored electrical energy in to AC household current. A grid tie inverter on the other hand takes solar or wind energy as it is produced and stores it in an electrical grid. The advantage of the electrical grid as a 100% efficient battery that never needs replacing. What a deal the electric company can be used as a storage device for you grid tie solar or grid tie wind energy through the use of a grid tie inverter.

Grid Tie Solar

Grid tie solar is a safe investment. There are few investments that offer the same returns as the grid tie solar. Since 1972 the price of electricity has gone up and average of 6.7% and at the same time the value of the dollar has gone down an average of 3% combine these two factors and its easy to see why so many people are choosing grid tie solar as apposed to stocks, bonds or other risky investments. The price of grid tie solar is as low as it has ever been and incentives are extremely high. Take for example the federal government is now offering a 30% tax credit for people who install grid tie solar. Many states have financial incentives for grid tie solar as well.


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