Hardy Diesel Perkins Powered Diesel generators 7-30kW free auto start, free circuit breaker, and Free shipping!

Some of the most fuel efficient generators thanks in part to advanced thermal management and efficient cooling. Revolutionary simple design makes for an economical engine generator package. Please scroll down and see entire page. You will find plenty of accurate pictures and information to help you make important decisions. Order now before price increase!

Perkins powered 15 kW and 20
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kW Engine Gen/End wt Price Paypal or Credit Card
403D11G NPE32/A4 588
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403D11G NPE32/B4 606
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403D15G NPE32/C/4 758
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404D22G NPE32/D4 884
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404D22G NPE32/E4 928
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403D22TG NPE32/F4 1014
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404D22TAG NPE32/F4 1080
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Standard configuration is single phase


perkins generator


Perkins galvanized enclosure

Extreme duty galvanized enclosure options. Reversible scoops can be pointed up or down on sound attenuated model. Weather enclosed does not have scoops. One of the nicest thing about galvanized is it looks good as is. Not only that but it can easily be painted on site to match what ever look would best fit the surrounding area if desired.


PKWE-8-30 Galvanized weather enclosure Perkins 8-30 kW $1,560
PKSA-8-30 Galvanized sound attenuated enclosure Perkins 8-30 kW + - 70db $1,832
PKSB50-8-30 50 gallon sub base fuel tank Perkins 8-30 $850
PKSB100-8-30 100 gallon sub base fuel tank Perkins 8-30 $1,500


Diesel gnerator line


Support for a wide variety of voltages the Mecc-Alte NPE32 brushless alternators made in Italy like the Ferrari and the Ducati. Shorter than typical alternators these space efficient machines provide clean electricity. They make for a nice reliable and compact generator end. "Very smooth Running" Our Perkins powered generators are carefully assembled in the USA. tagged for easy electrician hook up. We include circuit breaker and auto start free of charge!



Mecc-Alte pancake generator


25kW assembly area USA

Hardy Diesel Perkins powered Diesel generators. Built using the Perkins current D series. Smooth and quiet running Diesel engines Made in the USA. Nothing is better ...believe me, these are the best money can buy at a wholesale direct price. Take a look at the detail on these hand crafted Diesel electric power plants. An exclusive Hardy Diesel product line! Perkins a Caterpillar company. Made in the USA with Pride!


Perkins assembly line



If some one tries to sell you a Perkins powered generator that doesn't have the N at the end of the engine type it was not made in North America.


Perkins North America



We can design an off grid energy system using any of the high quality Hardy Diesel Perkins powered generators using high quality low cost american made alternative energy products.


off grid energy system


Perkins Diesel generator dimensions




A good American made Diesel fuel filter kit is by far the best investment that can be made with a Diesel generator. The Hardy Diesel ultimate fuel filter kits are by far the best choice available when it comes to critical performance. There are three stages to choose from. Each stage has over 366 sq inches of filter surface in each section..! All kits include four additional cartridges for each section all include a time and money saving filter wrench. No other fuel filter kits can compare! If it is in the budget buy stage 3 for the ultimate protection!

details diesel generator fuel filter kit!


fuel filter kits


Diesel generator line


55 gallon drum tank kit. (DRUM NOT INCLUDED) This handy accessory includes everything necessary to convert a standard 55 gallon drum into a tank. Shown below with Hardy ultimate stage one fuel filter kit. Drum kit includes Vent, double tap bushing, pickup tube, 12 feet of USA 5/16 fuel line, 12 feet of USA 1/4 return line, six hose clamps, brass nipples, bushings and US made primer bulb. Does not include filter kit. Nice thing about the kit is 55 gallon drums are readily available where bulk fuels and oil are sold.


more info Drum Tank Kit $129.00 Buy now


55 gallon drum tank kit


Diesel generator line


Our super silencer exhaust kit is another time and money saving accessory. Includes everything necessary for a professional to install without a single trip to town. It will drastically reduce the noise levels especially when installed in a shed. No one should install a generator without this kit!


more info Diesel Generator Muffler Kit Details $299.00 Buy now


super silencer exhaust kit


Diesel generator line


Genuine Perkins filter Kits! Stock up and save! The key to long life is routine maintenance.

Perkins filter kits


Perkins filter kit information


Diesel generator line


Below is an illustration of a simple but effective way to contain sound when installing a generator. The most important thing to consider is there should be no direct line of sight in or out of the building. It is important not to restrict the flow so no part of either duct volume should be smaller than 1.5 times the air passage through the radiator. A little bit of sound insulation in the right spots will go a long ways! Long distance and or sharp corners make it necessary to increase duct size.


Diesel generator shed


This shed design is also ideal for off grid energy systems

Generator Install


Perkins 400D Owners Manual


Perkins 403D-11G Diesel generator engine specifications!


Perkins 403D-15G Diesel generator engine specifications!


Perkins 404D-22G Diesel generator engine specifications!


Perkins 404D22TG Diesel generator engine specifications!


Perkins 404D22TAG Diesel generator engine specifications!


Mecc-Alte NPE32-C/4 brushless alternator specifications!


Dynagen GSC 300 user manual



Approximate Fuel Consumption for Diesel Generators (60 Hz)
Enter kW Your fuel consumption is gallons per hour.



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