Generator Backup

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Perkins 8-30 kW back up Diesel generators 1800 RPM water cooled. Top of the line hand crafted, auto start, circuit breaker protected, made in the USA with pride. It just doesn't get any better than these. Starting at $5,827. for an 8kW includes free shipping!

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Perkins Back up generator 160

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Kohler Propane/natural gas backup generators are an economical choice. They are far better than most of the propane generators available on the market today.

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Kohler generator backup

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Off grid generator back up

For those off grid times when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow or you just need that extra electricity we offer a full line of back up generators propane and Diesel.We are experts in off grid generator integration. Off grid generators is where we actually got our start.

Emergency generator back up

We are also well versed in grid connected emergency back up generators as well. If you are connected to the utility grid we can help you size a generator sub panel for critical loads or to power the whole house. Which ever you decide you will need a transfer switch. Sure you can back feed a breaker or a 240 outlet but this is dangerous and never recommended.

Diesel Generator back up

A 1800 water cooled Diesel generator is by far the best solution. They last a long time an are very reliable. They are slightly more money up front but they are well worth it. Noting beats a water cooled 1800 RPM Diesel for longevity and fuel economy.

Propane or natural gas back up generators

Propane and natural gas back up generators have an initial price advantage especially when air cooled and 3600 RPM. These are considered throw away generators because they do wear out quick when compared to a Diesel and when they do where out the are not worth fixing. An 1800 RPM water cooled propane or natural gas generator can easily cost as much or more than a Diesel and will burn twice the fuel. The only advantage here is fuel source. Maybe you have a good supply of propane or natural gas and don't want to mess with Diesel.


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