Commercial Solar

Hardy solar enjoys a commercial solar relationship with the heavy hitters in the commercial solar industry. Together we can accomplish any commercial solar job, usually under budget and ahead of schedule in most cases. We now guarantee that we will beat any competitor's price and outperform them in almost every other aspect on commercial systems above 200 kW. If you are spending the money to get commercial solar installed, why not get it guaranteed.

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Siliken Commercial Solar

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Siliken solar panels are not only made in the USA but they are actually made here in our home town of San Diego, California. When possible, we buy our Commercial solar panels and racking directly from US manufacturers. The quality of the Siliken solar panel is the very best. Add to that the savings involved in not having to have them trucked in for our southern California jobs, we have a winning combination that allows us to exceed most expectations when it comes to having it installed correctly and under budget as well as ahead of schedule. Silken solar has more than 230 MW of commercial solar installations to their credit. 500 kW commercial solar

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Sharp Commercial Solar

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Over 50 years ago, Sharp installed its first solar-powered project. It was installed in a lighthouse to power the powerful lights for years to come. Back then, not too many people had a vision of clean solar energy. Now Sharp's long history as a leader in the commercial solar industry is world known. With Sharp commercial solar panels being produced in USA in Kentucky, Hardy solar is able to not only pull from stock but can actually commit to production runs and able to get the large commercial solar jobs done on time. Time is money when it comes to energy, and commercial solar is no exception. In many cases, jobs need to be finished quick and quite frankly, we enjoy the added pressure. Sharp commercial solar plays an important roll in our commercial solar materials supply as well as their highly trained engineering department that can calculate specific needs not only on system sizing but roof loading and other factors.

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Kyocera Commercial Solar

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Hardy Solar and Kyocera go back to the late 70's. Back then, we were installing off grid energy systems using Kyocera solar panels. We now enjoy a working relationships with Kyocera's commercial solar division. They are still making one of the best solar panels in the industry. They have a talented and enthusiastic team that is always ready to assist Hardy solar when it comes to small, medium, and large commercial solar installations.

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Please contact us with your commercial solar needs. We will beat any ones price on top quality commercial solar products!

Together we can power the world with alternative solutions!


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